Is There A Thing Such As Eating Too Much Healthy Food?

August 1, 2012

Here on TheIronYou we always stress out the importance of choosing to eat a lot of healthy food as a way to improve the quality of life. Generally speaking fruits and veggies are identified as being the core of healthy food and healthy eating regimens. In other words the more you eat of fruits and veggies the better you’re off. That’s the general consensus among nutritionist around the world.
BUT, sometime I wonder: is it possible to exceed on healthy food consumption? Is there such a thing as eating too many veggies and fruits? Can this harmful? Is portion size also relevant when it comes to healthy food?
According to a Loyola University Health System registered dietitian the answer to this question is yes. Portion size always matters!

High Protein White Smoothie

July 27, 2012

Sometime in life in order to move forward you have to take a leap of faith. Depending on the choices you’re facing it can be either a big one or a small one.

When it comes to food it’s rarely a big one. Even if it might take some courage to try a snake meat shred soup or monkey brains (yuk!) the worst that can happen is that you’ll spit it out or just get nauseated. No biggies.
So what I’m asking you today is to take a leap of faith and try this smoothie. It’s made with an unconventional ingredient: cannellini beans. But you’ll have to trust me when I say that you won’t taste them, and that this is an awesome smoothie.
A smoothie with the highest protein content ever. But that’s not all. The proteins come from all different sources: legumes, dairy, nuts, and protein powder. Also, since we’re not using fruits or juices it’s pretty low in sugars hence it can make a great alternative if you have friends and/or relatives that need to keep their blood sugar low.

How Often Should I Replace My Running Shoes?

July 26, 2012

I was talking to my friend Sam last week and he told me that lately he’s been experiencing some knee pain after his morning runs. I know from experience that knee pain should be taken very seriously and it's not something you wanna mess up with so I sat him down and started asking him all kind of questions. Turns out he’s been running on a pair of shoes that are at least 2 years old and that he’s also been using for walking, working out, shooting hoops and a number of other activities.
So I told him that before having his knee checked, he should try buy a brand new pair of running shoes and give it shot. He called me last night saying that he did as I told him and that he no longer experienced knees pain after running.
His story gives me the opportunity to talk about one of the most important things in running: replacing running shoes.



Wanna Lose Weight? Keep A Food Journal, Don't Skip Meals And Eat Out Less Frequently

July 14, 2012

Losing weight is not a simple task. Even the most fit people may struggle when it comes to shed a couple of pounds. For instance, my target weight is 175 pounds, but in the last two weeks for some reason I have reached 178. It’s no big deal but in a triathlon race, when I push myself to the extreme those 3 extra pounds might make a difference. Thus I need to lose them. Now, I might be able to do it in just a couple of days but even I will need to stay focus and not indulge if I want to do it properly.
And that’s precisely what a recently published study claims: losing weight is no joke, and does not happen overnight. It takes focus, dedication and perfect planning.
In particular, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have discovered that the recipe for success is faithfully keeping a food journal, avoid skipping meals and eat less out, especially at lunch time.

The above food journal can be downloaded from

Have You Had Your Blueberries Today?

July 12, 2012

Let’s make a bet. If I win you’ll promise to eat only healthy foods for the remainder of the month. If I lose, I’ll do the same. But also if I win I’ll do the same. And also if you win you should do the same. It’s basically a win-win-win-win situation.
Anyway, I’ll bet that if you look around on the internet (or on magazines) for articles on the healthiest foods around (so-called “powerfoods”), blueberries will make the cut 9 times out of 10.
There’s a reason for that: blueberries are a health wonder; packed with vitamins, antioxidants and other precious nutrients.

An Ode To Greek Yogurt (The Perfect IronYou Food!)

July 8, 2012

Sometimes I wonder: “What my life would be without Greek yogurt?
I’m one of the biggest consumer of Greek yogurt in the whole world. My fridge is constantly stacked with huge amounts of Greek yogurt: 0%, 2%, plain, you name it.
When I feel like having a snack there’s nothing else I’d rather have than Greek yogurt.
Funny thing is that I don’t like regular yogurt but I’m totally hooked on Greek yogurt.
With Greek yogurt the combination are endless: blueberries, raspberries, nuts, honey, etc..everything goes well with it. Plus, it is a great substitute for mayo in all the recipes that call for the latter ingredient (such as chicken salad).
Last, but not least, the fact that it’s low in fat and carbs and super high in protein makes it a perfect IronYou food. Are you convinced? If not keep reading...

Watermelon: A Perfect Weight Loss Food!

July 4, 2012

First question: who doesn’t love diving into a juicy, crisp, slice of watermelon when it’s toasty outside?
It’s probably the most refreshing fruit one can think of and a great friend when it comes to fight the heat. But watermelon does much more than that as it is one of the most recommended fruits when it comes to weight loss. To the point that some dietitians have created a “watermelon diet”.

Your Weight Is The End All, Be All! True or False?

June 22, 2012

When newbies hit the gym or start a new eating regimen they, most of the time, obsessively start to weigh themselves.
Day-after-day, if there’s no appreciable weight loss, they get easily frustrated.
This happens because there’s a common misconception on the importance of weight; as if skinny is healthy and fat is unhealthy.
In other words, becoming healthy is too often associated with weight loss.
But, weight has little to do with the fitness level. Or better, it’s just one of the factors that can help determine whether you’re an healthy person.

Carrot Orange Protein Smoothie

June 19, 2012

Carrot Orange Protein Smoothie

This is the quintessential summer smoothie. It's supercharged with vitamins A and ß-carotene (which converts into vitamin A in the body). As you probably already, know Vitamin A is not only essential for vision, it's THE nutrient for maintaining a healthy skin.
Carrot juice, orange juice and peaches. Three incredible sources of Vitamin A. What do you want more?

"Crowding Out" Instead Of "Cutting Out" When Dieting

June 18, 2012

When dieting, it’s pretty common to feel deprived (or hungry, at the least) as you parse out calories in order to lose weight.
It’s called “cutting out” and it’s the standard (and far too popular) approach to any form of dieting: cut your food intake, get into a calorie deficit and lose weight.
However, there’s an alternative way to just cut calories (and feeling miserable): it’s called “crowding out”, and it’s a different approach to the old “cutting out” method.
Crowding out involves adding more healthy food to your diet rather than cutting back on foods you enjoy.
Supporters of this method believe that over time, cravings for unhealthy foods are likely to disappear (or diminish), leaving you healthier and leaner.

Crowding Out