Fight With The Gods: The Immortals' Workout

October 30, 2011

On 11/11/11 “The Immortals” will be released on theaters worldwide. I have personally high expectations since the producers are the same of the “300” (movie that I absolutely loved) also I’ve been fond of ancient Greek mythology since I was a little kid and, in particular, of the myth of Perseus hence I can’t wait to see it!

Working Out And Dieting According To A Calvin Klein Model

October 26, 2011

I'm not sure whether the name Garrett Neff rings any bells to you, probably not. But you might remember him as the face of Calvin Klein fragrance “Body” or in Trussardi S/S 10 campaign or in last summer H&M campaign or in this fall Express campaign or or or or, the list could continue endlessly as Garrett is one of the most successful male models of his generation.
I had the chance of briefly meeting him before a show, and he’s a very nice down to earth dude, absolutely grounded and not at all full of himself.

What To Do After A Bikram Yoga Class

October 23, 2011

When you hear your teacher saying “Namaste” to the class you now that you have made it: the 90 minutes in Bikram’s “torture chamber” are over.
You have twisted your body in all possible ways, locked your knee, kick your butt big time, and sweat tons. Now it’s time to give yourself a well deserved reward for all this effort but before that you wanna make sure to take care of your body.
Why? Because after every intense workout you should spend some time focusing on your body before going back to your daily routine. And this is even more true when you’re dealing with Bikram Yoga...

Why A Lot Things That Taste Bad Are Good For You

October 12, 2011

I bet you always had the suspicion that there was some correlation between bad tasting food and its health benefits.
As far as I’m concerned every time I make myself a green juice I get more than a mere suspicion: it has to be good for me otherwise why all the pain of drinking this gross tasting stuff?
And what about broccoli? I eat them everyday and I’m accustomed to the taste but I cannot say that I find them to be the better tasting food on the planet. But as they are one of the most healthy food on the planet I just go for it thinking that it’s totally worth to sacrifice the taste for the health.
Not to mention Brussel food nightmare.
So the suspicion that there must be a correlation between bad taste and healthy benefits of food grew in me to a point of almost certainty.
And, I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! In fact, a recent study conducted by a team of researches of the University of Washington confirmed that since the phytonutrients (that have been long associated with cancer prevention and other health benefits) have a bitter, acid or astringent taste the food industry has worked over the decades to remove them.

Taylor Kitsch Five Rules Of Leaness

October 2, 2011

Today we are talking about the the five golden rules of “leaness” according to Canadian actor and model Taylor Kitsch.
Taylor has modeled for Diesel and Abercrombie & Fitch, he portrayed Gambit in the X-Men franchise spinoff “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and football player Tim Riggins in the NBC series “Friday Night Lights”.
In 2012 he will be portraying John Carter in science fiction action adventure film “John Carter”, the heroic protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series.
But that’s not it. Taylor is also a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.
So you might have figured out by now that Talyor Kitsch is not a novice when it comes to training, health and well-being.

That is why his five rule of leaness (that he unveiled in an interview to MensHealth) totally make sense and if you manage to follow them well you might end up in an A&F campaign or in a major blockbuster movie...