Your Weight Is The End All, Be All! True or False?

June 22, 2012

When newbies hit the gym or start a new eating regimen they, most of the time, obsessively start to weigh themselves.
Day-after-day, if there’s no appreciable weight loss, they get easily frustrated.
This happens because there’s a common misconception on the importance of weight; as if skinny is healthy and fat is unhealthy.
In other words, becoming healthy is too often associated with weight loss.
But, weight has little to do with the fitness level. Or better, it’s just one of the factors that can help determine whether you’re an healthy person.

If you start working out, after a few months you might not have dropped a single pound, or, to the contrary you might have put on a few. this happens because, given the same volume, muscle weighs more than fat.
But, after a few months of increased exercise, you’re healthier than when you started because you’ve strengthen your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.
Even though an individual may not be losing weight, his overall health has in the meantime improved in many different ways.
If you think about it, when the doctor gives you a physical, weight is just one among many variables that are taken into consideration. Similarly, when a personal trainer makes your health assessment he will likely consider other factors (body fat percentage, BMI, heart rate capacity, etc...) to build a routine that fits you. Weight, alone, is not enough.
So, instead of obsessively focusing on your weight try to look at the bigger picture and aim to be healthier, because that’s what really matters in the end!

The Iron You