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On January 2011, we decided to open this space to talk about our passions: food, fitness and health.
At first, we struggled to find the right name. We wanted something powerful, highly motivational. That’s how we came up with TheIronYou.
Partially because "Iron Man” is one of our favorite superheroes (I know, we’re dorks); partially because an Ironman triathlon is the ultimate sport event and something that seems so far out of reach to most (it's really not, believe us!)
With the name “TheIronYou” we wanted to emphasize the idea of bringing out the best in us, the healthier version of ourselves, the superhero that lies within.
We believe there’s no magic potion for that: it’s just a matter of making sound nutrition choices, regular exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle (or so we think!)
So we’re set to create healthy recipes, exercise more, and research about everything (and more) that is related to fitness and health. We're not nutrition experts, doctors or scientists, we're just very active and curious people hoping to find straightforward answers to lead a healthy life.
We hope you'll join us in this amazing journey, f
eel free to flip through the pages of TheIronYou and, by all means, leave your comments and feedback!

This is us

Mike is a triathlete, former ski racer and tennis player. He has devoted most of his life focusing on better nutrition choices, exercise and, in general healthy living not only as a way to improve sport performance but mostly to lead a more balanced life.

Margherita Bisoglio is a graduate from at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. The University was established by Mr Carlo Petrini (founder of the Slow Food Movement) and is part of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.
She has focused her studies on food in a holistic way, focusing on the inextricable links between food and health. She has also been researching on the importance of seasonal food in everyday diets.
Margherita is a former ski racer, expert swimmer and a soccer player.


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