Hi, thanks for stopping by TheIronYou. I'm thrilled to have you here!

On January 2011, I decided to open this space to talk about my passions: food, fitness and health.
At first, I struggled to find the right name. I wanted something powerful, highly motivational. That’s how I came up with TheIronYou.
Partially because "Iron Man” is one of my fave superheroes (I know, I'm a dork); partially because an Ironman triathlon is the ultimate sport event and something that seems so far out of reach to most (it's really not, believe me!)
With the name “TheIronYou” I wanted to emphasize the idea of bringing out the best in us, the healthier version of ourselves, the superhero that lies within.
We believe there’s no magic potion for that: it’s just a matter of making sound nutrition choices, regular exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle (or so I believe!)
So I'm set to create healthy recipes, exercise more, and research about everything (and more) that is related to fitness and health. By all means, I'm not a nutrition expert, nor a doctor or a scientist, I'm just a very active person hoping to find straightforward answers to lead a healthy life.
I hope you'll join me in this amazing journey, f
eel free to flip through the pages of TheIronYou and, by all means, leave your comments and feedback!