An Ode To Greek Yogurt (The Perfect IronYou Food!)

July 8, 2012

Sometimes I wonder: “What my life would be without Greek yogurt?
I’m one of the biggest consumer of Greek yogurt in the whole world. My fridge is constantly stacked with huge amounts of Greek yogurt: 0%, 2%, plain, you name it.
When I feel like having a snack there’s nothing else I’d rather have than Greek yogurt.
Funny thing is that I don’t like regular yogurt but I’m totally hooked on Greek yogurt.
With Greek yogurt the combination are endless: blueberries, raspberries, nuts, honey, etc..everything goes well with it. Plus, it is a great substitute for mayo in all the recipes that call for the latter ingredient (such as chicken salad).
Last, but not least, the fact that it’s low in fat and carbs and super high in protein makes it a perfect IronYou food. Are you convinced? If not keep reading...

Greek yogurt has grown in popularity in recent years; and industry experts credit this increasing trend to its rich and creamy taste and high nutritional value. Despite being  winning over consumers despite being more expensive than regular yogurt.
Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt goes through an extensive straining process that removes much of the whey. As a result, it is much thicker and richer than regular yogurt.
It’s also much more filling than regular yogurt because of its higher protein content.
A 6-ounce serving of regular yogurt contains almost 20 grams of protein while regular yogurt averages around 8 grams.
But that’s not it, if you’re carbs conscious you’ll be happy to know that Greek yogurt tends to have less carbs, sugars and sodium than the regular one.
If you’re concerned with calcium you should know that Greek yogurt has less calcium than regular yogurt as some of it is removed during the straining process.
Though more expensive than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt can go a long way in the kitchen.
Here’s few ideas on how to use it:
- It can be used in dips, sauces, soups, salads, dressings, desserts and smoothies.
- It’s a healthy replacement for sour cream, mayo and butter
- It’s great for breakfast with fruit, nuts or granola.
Anyway, this post was just to acknowledge my undying love for Greek yogurt. What my life would be without it?

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