Book Review: You Are An Ironman

April 8, 2012

Today, I want to suggest a very good reading, Ironman-related. You Are An Ironman” by New York Times journalist Jacques Steinberg.
Let’s start by saying that you don’t need to an Ironman nor a triathlete to love this book. This is not one of those run of the mill human interest stories.
The author is not an Ironman finisher, this gives him a valuable outside view and allows him to picture an objective portrayal of this sport.
However, where Mr Steinberg really succeeds is in perfectly pointing out all the life lessons to be learned from the individuals that seek to make their dream come true (i.e., finish an Ironman competition). What they go through: sacrifice, pain, struggle, and joy.
The writing is captivating and reads like a suspense novel; depicting perfectly the emotions and inspiration of an Ironman.
Ultimately this book really inspires one to achieve its own goals, and ultimately become “TheIronYou” (which is what really this blog is about!)

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a couch potato this book will make for sure for an enjoyable reading, and will provide some lessons that will influence the way you look at your life.
Needless to say it, as a triathlete/Ironman this book hits home for me. But I strongly suggest that you give it a try, I’m positive you’re going to enjoy it!

The Iron You


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