How Sodas Affect Your Body

April 16, 2012

I haven’t had a soda in years. It’s been so long I can’t actually remember when I had the last one. Thing is I don’t care about sodas. I don’t enjoy the taste, it’s either too sugary or chemical.
Plus the fact that they’re packed with extra calories, colorants, and other stuff, makes them even less appealing to my eyes.
Anyway, I just found this awesome poster on Diet-Blog, on the effects of soft drinks on our health.

This poster is packed with information (maybe a bit too much of it?), and whether if you agree with it or not, I believe it provides some good food for thought (which is always something we’re hungry for here at TheIronYou).
I have no idea where you stand with respect to sodas. For instance my friend Noah says that there’s nothing quite like Coke to go along with burger and fries.
I believe it’s a good thing to know what are the potential long-term effects of drinking sodas on our bodies.
As with everything else once you know all about it, you’re in the position to make an informed choice!

The Iron You


  1. Really interesting, thank you for sharing that!

  2. Great info. Not a bing fan of sodas either and after reading this less than ever before

  3. omg...I'm reading this over a Coke Zero I treated myself to...*gulp*

    1. Hahaha! Your comment cracked me up!!!

  4. Very glad I don't drink them...