The Water Trick (aka Are You Hungry Or Just Thirsty?)

November 30, 2011

Especially for those of you out there trying to lose weight, this trick can prove to be really helpful.
It is known that most people mistake low-level thirst for low-level hunger.
Try this: when you’re feeling hungry (and it’s not breakfast, lunch or dinner time), drink a glass of water and only if you’re still hungry after 20 minutes later then maybe it’s time to think about eating. Truth is, half the time you were just thirsty.

Sometime your body is not able to clearly distinguish between being thirsty and being hungry. Drinking plain water and waiting for a bit will unravel what you’re feeling is really about.
Truth is, water can decrease your appetite and most of time the hunger sensation will just pass without particular needs.
You must drink water not sodas, coffee or other calorie loaded beverages; those will just replace your appetite for solid calories with liquid ones.
Also, most of these drinks contain caffeine that acts as a diuretic that will set you up for dehydration.
People of all ages need to drink plain water, a lot of plain water.
If you don’t know this yet, water is an important nutrient and is vital for a variety of bodily functions and processes including the removal of waste products, carrying nutrients, and regulating body temperature.