Spice Up Your Life!

December 7, 2011

Do you know that herbs and spices have more disease-fighting antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables? This means that they may help protect against certain chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
Most of the evidence exists for cinnamon, chili peppers, turmeric, garlic, oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary.
For instance anti-inflammatory compounds contained in cinnamon have been linked to lower inflammation, as well as reductions in blood glucose concentrations in people with diabetes. We are going to explore some of the most used herbs and spices in the next days for now let's just get a general idea on them.

Herbs and spices as flavor booster and for weight control

Herbs and spices may replace using salt or other flavor boosters on your food; they expand your palette without extra calories and may decrease the amount of salt, fat, and sugar you use without sacrificing flavor.
Seasonings may even play a part in weight control, why? Because tastier foods are more satisfying than bland ones, which you tend to eat faster, and with less fulfillment. If you’re not satisfied, you’re more likely to overeat.

The health benefits

Research about the therapeutic effects of herbs and spices is great, but how does it translate to what you eat every day?
Quite easily as it turns out that even small amounts of dried and fresh herbs and spices may have health benefits.
Also you should use herbs and spices at their peak to get the most out of them as the active compounds in herbs and spices degrade with time.
You could capitalize on the potency of dried herbs and spices by storing them in airtight containers away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
What about using fresh herbs or spices? Double the amount to get the same levels of active substances in their dried counterparts.

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  1. my nutritionist agrees with you!

    ciao from italy!

  2. The use of spices has long been praised in my culture (Mexico) I'm happy that it finally gets recognizition from nutritionist worldwide