If You Have A Body, You Are An Athlete

February 14, 2012

I took this picture few weeks ago while I was in Paris. This is one of my favorites quotes of all time and seeing it on the wall just made my day.

It “belongs” to Bill Bowerman, notorious American track and field coach and one of the co-founders of Nike.
Don’t think of him as just a business man who created the world’s biggest sportswear company (I mean, yes, he also did that!); Bill Bowerman biggest contribution to the sports world came from his constant research in seeking improvements in athletic footwear design. It’s also thanks to his vision that we have today better running shoes.
Let’s go back to the quote; what I love about this is that in a way it just states the obvious: everyone got a body hence everybody is an athlete. We were all gifted with an amazing “machine”, that is almost unstoppable. We tend to forget this.
For instance, yesterday a dude approached me at the gym asking me why I was doing so many planks in my exercise routine. When I told him that I needed a strong core for triathlon he said: “Man, you’re a triathlete? That’s f*@*! extreme, I could never do that!”. I asked him: “Can you swim, ride a bike and run? Than you can do a triathlon as well, you just need some training and you can do it!”. Easy as that.
We shall never ever forget what Bill Bowerman taught us: if you have a functioning body than you’re an athlete.
Just set your mind to it and you can do it!

The Iron You


  1. Hey, I came across your blog from Julia's...I am a new follower and a newbie blogger myself!

    I love everything you just wrote about...and I am a true believer in just that!

    i also practice Bikram yoga as well, however not currently as I am recovering from hip surgery...where in Ny do you reside? i live on long island in shoreham; however I was born and raised in Ky!

    looking forward to reading more about you...I am participating in my first sprint tri this summer so I welcome your advice:)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment, I really appreciate it!
      I just visited your blog, your story is really inspiring. Keep up the great work!

      I've dealt with severe injuries throughout my life but always managed to come back. I'm sure that you will recover from your surgery and complete the sprint triathlon without any problem. Actually I'm positive that you'll enjoy it so much that you'll become a full triathlete sooner that you expect it!


      PS I live in the LES and I practice BikramLES: awesome studio!

    2. Hey, thanks for the visit on my blog! I really appreciate it !I've never practiced in the city...only in Setauket and Bayport...but I sure would love to one day!

      Thanks for the advice and the support!


  2. Very true statement. There are no excuses!

  3. Inspirational quote indeed. A person has only one body to live on, therefore care and respect is needed.

  4. wow that is one nice and inspiring quote! thanks for sharing =)