Working Out And Dieting According To A Calvin Klein Model

October 26, 2011

I'm not sure whether the name Garrett Neff rings any bells to you, probably not. But you might remember him as the face of Calvin Klein fragrance “Body” or in Trussardi S/S 10 campaign or in last summer H&M campaign or in this fall Express campaign or or or or, the list could continue endlessly as Garrett is one of the most successful male models of his generation.
I had the chance of briefly meeting him before a show, and he’s a very nice down to earth dude, absolutely grounded and not at all full of himself.

But I’m not here to promote him (he has an army of agents doing that). I want to talk about him because a couple of days ago I found on YouTube a very brief interview that Garrett did for the website before Michael Kors’ show in 2009 (you can find it at the end of this post).
In little more than 2:30 minutes Garrett delivers quite few tips about his workout routine and eating regimen. He ultimately unveils the truth on what it takes to be a Calvin Klein model. As you will see the bottom line is discipline and focus!

How to be as fit as a Calvin Klein model

1) It takes a lot of work. Garrett is pretty clear about that: people who says they don’t work at it they’re probably fibbing. Everybody does something whether is focusing on your eating or on your working out.

2) Exercises every day. Garrett works out 6 to 7 days a week. Yes, you’ve heard it right, this means every day. But now and then if he does a heavy workout one day he will take easy the next day. “Easy” means at least 45 minutes run and 15 minutes abs. Let's admit it: he’s very active and focused.

3) Stays away from fried food. He doesn’t like oily or greasy food and most of all he’s pretty aware of the harm that such food will do to health (and figure).

4) Lives by 0% Fat Greek yogurt. That’s another common feature among healthy people. The fat free Greek yogurt it’s really delicious and it’s a great source of protein with only few calories. That’s the perfect kind of healthy treat.

5) Binging with dark chocolate. He binges on dark chocolate but can it be considered a real binge? We already know about the numerous health benefits of dark chocolate (probably one of the greatest sources of antioxidants), which makes it more of a power food than a real binge.


What I really find interesting about this brief interview is that the real truth comes out. There’s no magic formula behind a model’s body nor they were born with it: it all comes down to a lot of working out and on being careful when it comes to eating.

The Iron You

Here’s the interview:

Here is Garrett’s profile on Garrett Neff