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June 27, 2011

It doesn’t matter if your job is to walk down the fashion runways or not, in today’s world appearances do matter, so it’s better to be prepared and to try to look at your best every day.
In fact, looking sharper will give you that extra confidence that will eventually help you succeed. So here are few tips that will help you look better and, also, feel better.
Of course, we can’t guarantee that if you follow them religiously poster campaigns will follow or that you’re going to be booked for a runway show at next Milan’s Fashion Week, but it will enhance your style, boost your confidence, get fitter and, at the end of the day, help you become more successful in your life!

The thing is, being a model, your success in work is completely dependant on your body and looks: you need to be almost perfect everyday. Castings, shootings and runways are your life thus you need bullet proofs workout, nutrition and lifestyle, otherwise you won’t be booked for jobs and you’ll be out of luck!
So here you’ll find some general rules that can be easily transposed from the fashion world to “your world”!

Gym routine

Part of being a model entails spending more time than the average man in your underpants thus you need a workout that doesn’t let you down.
So here’s the general rule that you can use as well: if you know you can get to the gym every day, do separate muscle-group workouts. Pecs, arms, shoulders, and back on separate days and at least two
cardio session to make sure to burn the extra fat.

If you only have a few days to work out, then you should do all-out circuits. Pick exercises that hit every muscle and do at least three sets of each.
Crunches, planks and other exercises that work you abs and core should be included every time you hit the gym. As men, unfortunately, we tend to store fat firstly in our belly so that is a part of your body we should always focus on.
Also, remember to
stretch. Stretching will make your muscles longer and leaner. Long and leaner muscles always look better than buffed ones, unless you dig the Jersey Shore look!


Maintaining a perfect figure means being disciplined with your nutrition.
Keep your fridge junk-free and stocked with power foods that your metabolism fuelled. As humans we are weak if there’s something there, you’ll eat it (e.g., a pint of cookie dough ice-cream or a Snickers bar).
But remember that an empty fridge is your worst enemy. If there’s nothing there, then you can’t eat it, you’ll go out, which is when you’ll cheat.
Being very cautious with your nutrition doesn’t mean that you have to kill your social life. If there’s dessert in a restaurant that you really like, have it. Don’t be pedantic. Instead, you should have a balanced approach.
However, it’s very difficult to get definition if you drink a lot. Sugar alcohol it’s terribly calorific. If you’re cutting fat but don’t want to take a vow of abstinence, vodka on ice with soda or with a dash of cranberry should be your drink of choice.

Chill your ego and relax

Aside from watching your favorite football team losing a game there are few more stressful experiences in a man’s adult life than an important big meeting or a job interview.
A model is usually pretty used to have numerous castings, experiencing more “interviews” in one week than most of the other people will have in a lifetime.  This could be up to 10 or more castings a week and while they’re not usually long, you have to be able to make an impression in a few minutes. And that’s pretty difficult.

The best image you have to try to put across when you first meet people is one of humility and an easy nature. Trying to impress an interviewer with your cut-throat instincts and iron will can be very off-putting and you’re more likely to convince them that you’re a difficult person to work with.
People want results, you want people to meet you and think ‘This guy seems like he’ll work hard, he’s very polite, we’ll have a laugh with him, and we’ll get the best results possible
Many ambitious men and hot women are a pain while others are merely difficult to engage.

Have you ever met a female supermodel or a powerful business woman? They’re not interested one in anyone else apart from themselves, and that, unfortunately, goes for a lot of people.
Probably the best way to get along with a difficult colleague or the icy beauty at the bar is to kill your own ego before approaching them.
You should make it your mantra for success.
Try to avoid talking too much about yourself and be interested in other people: where they’ve been, how they got there, their life, their family and everything. Of course, whenever they’re going too far or reveal within the bounds of civility you’re allowed to lose interest and sidle away.

Be confident in yourself!

In any working environment, you’re bound to feel the pressure to change. But getting to the top is about focusing on the long-term.
It’s no good saying “I want to re-brand myself” or “I want to be this person”.
You should always be YOU or better THEIRONYOU! That principle applies to models and professionals as well. 

For instance if you’re a well-built A&Fitch kinda of guy you can'y never aspire to be a super slim Burberry model. You should go for what you are, focusing on your strenghts rather then your weaknesses. I know it sounds obvious but you can see everyday people struggling just because they have failed or they are failing to truly understand who they are and what they good at.
If you feel that something is wrong, take a step back and look at things from a different prospective. And if it looks wrong, take a deep breath and explore all the different possibilities that are presented to you. You might be surprised by the array of opportunities that the world presents to you.

Success is about having achievable aims and be true to yourself!

The Iron You


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