Hey, thanks for stopping by, I'm thrilled to have you here! I’m Mike and when I’m not swimming, biking or running, I do the cooking, writing and photography around these parts.

Soooo, TheIronYou, huh? What a strange name for a blog, right?
Let me explain how I came up with it.
It all begins with me being a triathlete and an Ironman.
An Ironman entails a 2.4 miles swim, followed immediately by a 112 mile cycle and then followed by a 26.2 mile Marathon, all to be completed in 16 hours.
It's anything but ordinary, so worth it though.

Pain and pleasure, extreme highs and bottomless lows, dismay and the boundless joy, are some of the emotions you may experience during an Ironman. It’s one hell of a ride.
Still, for me, being an Ironman isn't really all that important. Sure it may be the icing on the cake, but the real treat is being Ironfit.
I walk around all day with this secret that only I know. It's not something I tell others because the telling isn't important, it's the knowing that really matters. I keep it to myself and treasure it.
For instance, I know I can run 12 miles at a drop of a hat fairly easily. I don’t have to brag about it though. I’m Ironfit and that’s all that matters.
And if I can be Ironfit, YOU can do too, hence the name of the blog -> TheIronYou.
Makes sense now?

With the name TheIronYou I want to emphasize the idea of bringing out the best in us, the healthier version of ourselves.
I believe there’s no magic potion for that: it’s just a matter of making sound nutrition choices, regular exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle.
It all starts with food though.
Food really has a remarkable affect on our bodies, both physically and mentally. Harnessing this power in a positive way is incredible. That’s why eating real, wholesome food it’s the most important aspect of being healthy.
Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. It’s not only steamed vegetables and grilled chicken. Beginning a healthy diet is like an adventure, you’ll try new things and new flavors. It’s a great learning experience.

In the kitchen, I’m a food enthusiast and I follow a paleo/primal diet.
Not super strict though, I do eat things that are not “approved”.
I’m definitely not worried about the semantics nor the labels though. I seek to find the right balance for my body and goals.
I like whole, real, unprocessed foods that make me feel better, that’s all.
In particular, I adore avocado and salted dark chocolate. I try to cook things that are easy, interesting, and delicious. I adore green tea, blueberries, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, quinoa and coconut milk.
Some of my favorite things in life are running, swimming, biking, sweating buckets in Bikram yoga, football, soccer, Vampire Weekend, Italian food, arguing about almost anything, and learning how to lead a better life.

I hope you'll join me in this amazing journey, feel free to flip through the pages of TheIronYou and, by all means, leave your comments and feedback!