The Feel-Good Equation

November 17, 2014

Eating well, being active, and positive thinking are the most important factors in the “feeling good/being healthy” equation.
Is it a hard equation to solve?
Of course it’s hard.
When was the last time you have done anything worth that wasn’t hard?
It’s so worth though.
The initial step is usually the hardest. But once you get started, there’s no stopping you.
What matters is that you make changes that you can stick with for a long period of time.
The road to being healthy isn't one that ends, it’s long. At first it might be tough - after that - it takes less and less effort.
You get used to the routine, the routine gets easier. You start feeling better and begin to change your life.

There are many reasons to be healthy, all of which are good.
You might want to lose weight and look good, or to ward-off a disease and health problems, or run a race, or even just dance the night away.
Whatever the reason might be, what matters is that you are focused and driven.
You want to be healthy because that’s the right thing to do, and that’s all that matters.
There's no end goal, it's just a continuous progression that one should constantly try to improve.

When you eat the right food and avoid junk, you’ll immediately feel better.
You nourish your body, you feel more energetic and actually FEEL like exercising and then it’s just like a domino effect.
You make healthy food choices -> feel better -> exercise -> feel good.
You eat without guilt. You move without difficulty. You look good in clothes you wear. You do the activities you always avoided. You become more productive. You do more things.

The rewards are just endless.


  1. This is spot on! It's hard to achieve at first but once you become dedicated, it's second nature!

  2. Thanks for this Mike. I am a true believer that it's all about perception. It's never "what is" but "how I react to it". The last year had me really look at my diet and HUGE changes were made. I lost 24 pounds due to working out again to T25, drinking Shakeology and cycling and hiking again with purpose! It has and continues to pay off. Glad I came across your site a few months back - always good food and positivity!

  3. Absolutely perfect advice! Mike, since 1998 I keep my exercise records, and my goal is very simple: each week I need to have more days WITH exercise than without. If in one particular week I fail, I compensate the following week, so that each month sees over 50% of days with physical activity. And no, I am not talking a simple walk around the block. ;-)

    I firmly believe we need to challenge our bodies with exercise, striving to do a little more or a little better - and our mind with puzzles, with studying, trying to learn a new language, whatever. It is the key to feeling great in the present moment and hopefully helping to see later years of life in as good health as possible.

  4. Yes! Thank you for the morning inspiration, Mike! Now I'm off to do hard things...all thanks to you! #MorningWin

  5. Thanks for an extra dose of motivation, I always need it! Whenever I'm making good choices, more follow and it really does get easier over time! :)

  6. Awesmazing post, Mike - I so love that line that you apply to the feel good nature of healthy choices - yes to continually striving to improve - it's what truly helps us grow -right?

  7. Great post! I found for myself that the most important factor to keep me going with a routine, is a purpose behind it that truly connects with me. If I find out somewhere in the back of my head that I am doing something because I'm trying to fulfill some kind of image, then also my motivation drops and I stop with a routine.