Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

April 23, 2014

Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

How many movies do you have on your Netflix queue?
I just checked mine and I have exactly 153.
I guess it will take me about 10 years to catch up on it.
Unless I take a month off from work, veg in bed and binge on movies.
Something that sounds pretty cool, but that I already know will probably drive me mental after the third day.
The funny thing about my Netflix queue is that it’s completely random.
It includes everything from classic sitcoms, 21st century classics, action movies, horror movies chick flicks (?), kid cartoons such as “Dora the Explorer” (??) and even the One Direction's movie — which can either mean that Niece found out my Netflix’s password or that I logged in into my account when I was completely wasted.
For real though, there’s no logic behind that list of movies, at all.
It’s like a 1-year old was left in front of my laptop for an hour and kept on clicking the mousepad. Random.

Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

You know what I also found random?
Dish names such as “chicken piccata”.
Can somebody scientifically explain me what “piccata” means?
Google claims that in Italian “piccata” means “irritated”, as in showing or feeling slight anger.
So...irritated chicken? Annoyed chicken? Pmsing chicken?
What white wine, lemons, capers, and parsley have to do with an angry chicken?
Nothing imo.
I guess I just have to accept it; just like my Netflix queue.
It’s like that; not even Freud would have an answer for it.
Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

One thing I know for sure though, that despite the name chicken piccata happens to be a childhood favorite of mine.
Tender chicken simmered in white wine (or stock), lemons and capers. It requires little effort, and I usually have most of the ingredients on hand (i.e., the wine).
I love that it’s zesty, that it’s lemony and even a little crunchy.
But I really love that chicken piccata comes together in like 20 minutes and that it’s very delicious.
So delish I’m never ever “piccata” when I eat it.
Nothing random about that. Fact.

Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)

Chicken Piccata (Low Carb & Gluten-Free)                                                       Print this recipe!

Serves 4

1 lb / 453 gr free-range organic chicken breast (about 2-3 breasts)
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
3 tablespoons arrowroot powder*
½ teaspoon fine grain sea salt
¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
½ cup / 125 ml chicken stock (or dry white wine)
3 tablespoons lemon juice
4 tablespoons capers
4 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

*arrowroot powder acts like cornstarch


To make kebabs, cut the chicken into cut into 1½-inch chunks.
If, instead, you want to make cutlets, cut the chicken breasts horizontally, butterflying them open.
Cut them once more. If the pieces are still thick afterwards, put them between two pieces of plastic wrap and pound them with a meat hammer to desired thickness (about ¼-inch).
In a shallow sealable container or in a large Ziplock bag mix together arrowroot powder, Parmesan, salt and pepper. Add chicken and dredge them until well coated.
If you’re making kebabs skewer chicken onto bamboo sticks (or metal ones).
Heat olive oil and butter in large skillet on medium-high heat.
Add chicken in batches (do not crowd the pan) and cook on each side until well browned, about 3 minutes per side.
Remove from the pan and place onto a plate. Cook the remaining chicken and then cover plate with foil and keep warm in the oven.
Add the stock (or white wine), lemon juice and capers to the pan.
Cook until reduced by half (and thickened). Use a spatula to scrape up the browned bits from the bottom.
Plate the chicken, pour the sauce over and sprinkle with parsley.

Nutrition facts

One serving yields 357 calories, 21 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbs and 37 grams of protein.


  1. Hi Mike, I'm not really a movie person...153 movies.. guess it might take me half a century to finish. LOL But your random dish definitely look awesome and I think 6 should be enough for me. :))
    Your photography is very impressive, always love to admire it. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    Have a great day.

  2. 153!?!?! Mine is ALWAYS empty :( I never know what good movies to will have to share that list. I also have never heard of chicken piccata and am now intrigued. It looks delicious!

    1. I'm kind of embarrassed by that list tbh...I'm not sure I have the guts to disclose it!

  3. Looking at this chicken is making me "piccata" that I cannot grab a skewer!
    Awesome pictures Mike!

  4. Mike, let's have a talk. I know that you are a secret One Direction fan. I know you have a poster hanging on your bedroom ceiling so that it's the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up. I know you have their tour schedule memorized. Haha...just kidding! This post is incredible...great pictures, great killed it, man!

    1. What can I say got me there; I'm a One Directioner. Like, full on One Directioner. Those boys do rock my world! :DDDDD

  5. I love the way Italians name their food! My favorite is 'Saltimbocca' which literally means jumps in the mouth - how great is that? I studied Italian for a couple of years in college and 'piccata' never came up, I even looked it up in my huge verb dictionary and I can't find it - so you're out of luck for a 'scientific' explanation. Looks awesome as always!

    1. I love Saltimbocca, like craving it right now. They're soooo good (and 100% Paleo approved), notwithstanding the funny name!

  6. This chicken is ANYTHING BUT PMSING - if anything the naked chicken was PMSING prior to be basted in the deliciousness of this marinade! Once you zipped it up in the bag though... This chick turned into one happy camper - much like a real PMSy chick might get happy after eating buckets and buckets of chocolate. (FYI - I hate chocolate).....

    And please stop trying to pretend you're all manly and don't like Dora The Explorer........ ;) But don't you worry, I have some pretty embarrassing movies in my queue too! Off the watch SAVED BY THE BELL!

    1. Seriously? Saved by the bell? I'd rather watch Dora the Explorer, there's so much more going on there!

  7. Hmmmmm your irritated chicken sounds damn fine!

  8. 153 movies? Really? I cancelled my subscription to Netflix because I felt I could never find anything worth watching on there... so I was basically just wasting money. And chick flicks? Really? We want titles!!!

    Still giggling at that pmsing chicken, btw. You really almost had me spit my coffee all over my computer screen... I took a mental note now never to drink coffee while reading your posts!

    1. I'm not so sure you want titles...or maybe I'm not so sure I want to share that list (it's kind of embarrassing) But please be careful with that coffee, I don't want to be held responsible if you burn yourself! :)

  9. Great looking chicken Mike!

  10. Hahaha, my Netflix queue looks pretty similiar to yours. So much stuff on there... and then when I go to look at what I want to watch, I have no freaking idea.

    Now you have me stuck on why this is called piccata... have no idea either! Looks freaking awesome though! Nice job Alpha. Nice job.

  11. Too funny! I have a gigantic list of movies to watch. I have DVDs, netflix, and amazon all waiting for me. I think the world around me would have to stop in order to catch up. Haha
    I love your guessing of what piccata mean...irritated chicken? Annoyed chicken? Pmsing chicken? LOL From now on that is what I will be thinking every time I see Chicken piccata.

  12. Piccata (picatta, pichotta : spellings) is a method of preparing food: meat is sliced, coated, sautéed and served in a sauce.