It's Summer, Give Swimming A Chance

July 1, 2013

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I know that not many of you are fond of swimming and this is particularly true during the colder months. Throughout the years I've tried to convince many friends that swimming (just like ice-cream) can also be enjoyed when outside it’s freezing; but I have always failed.
I get that the thought of getting into your swimsuit and jumping into cold water when outside snowing is not exactly appealing. Or better yet, I try to understand this, because I believe that it’s just a lazy excuse to slack off.
Anyway, now it’s summertime and a refreshing dive might just be what you need to the cool off the heat. So I do urge to take this chance and make swimming part of your workout routine and maybe, by the time Fall rolls around, you won’t be able to give it up.Swimming is a challenging workout that is also very calming. Water has a deceptive action in that it’s enjoyable and provides a seemingly relaxing and supportive workout medium. That is until you finish and come out of the water. Then it hits you, you have had more a workout than you thought. Swimming is a great heart conditioner and works many different muscle groups at the same time.
Ranging from your shoulders, arms, core right down to your legs. Water does this by providing resistance to your muscles to work against.
Swimming is a low impact exercise and among all workouts swimming is definitely one that is almost neutral on your joints. It’s also very good for the back too as water supports most of your body weight too.
You can maximize the number of muscles you work (and avoid boredom) by varying the style your perform and, furthermore, you can focus more on your legs or on the upper body, depending on what your training needs are.
But that’s not all, swimming works to build lean muscle, which in turn improves your metabolism.
A total win-win situation.
Swimming workouts should initially be done in shorter segments, since the cardiovascular system is forced to work differently than on land, where you can breathe in and out freely.
I really hope you’ll give this summer swimming a chance, it’s a clean, cut and exacting workout!


  1. Swimming is great. And the feeling after you finish your hour or so during winter - it's one more kick to your great feeling. (And I feel less cold after that, too!)

  2. It's funny how the thought of ice cream or swimming during winter is miserable, yet I can eat hot soup and oatmeal in the summer with no problem. I burned out swimming because I wasn't creating and doing work outs, but instead I was just swimming lap after lap after lap. I agree that it's an awesome work out!

  3. I'm such a slacker when it comes to swimming. I really want to do it but just the thought of getting my hair wet...oh I really can't, unless I'm at beach :)

  4. I have just started swimming twice a week (I'm female and 46) I live in the UK so all our pools are indoor, and swimming is best in the winter cos it's about the only place that’s nice and warm! I am training for a triathlon and our local pool has a triathlon session so there's a group and we have a coach who tells us what to do. Today we were practising swimming then jumping out of the pool, running round and jumping back in and swimming - I love it, even though I'm slow, it's great fun in a group. I love your recipes. I'm gonna get some Chia seeds and try the smoothies.

  5. Swimming is the best. I've grown up with it, and honestly find it incredibly hard to understand people who don't like it. Of course, it helps that I live in Denmark, where every parent see it as their duty to have their child join a swimming club.
    Two years ago, i quit swimming (The problem about swimming in Denmark: The trainers always want you to join elite teams) and started underwater rugby. Most likely the best decision of my life.
    Also, your recipies look delicious. Can't wait to try them out :)

  6. I LOVE swimming. Once you get your breathing right, you 'find your groove' and can just keep going lap after lap for an hour straight. It's peaceful with your head underwater and hypnotic. And you're right--it's not until you get out of the pool that it hits you just how hard you worked. I have yet to find that miracle paleo-friendly recovery food/drink that restores me. I always feel shredded the next day when I go for a run.