The Fountain Of Youth Is Filled With Your Sweat!

November 11, 2012

For millennia mankind has been obsessed with what can be considered the greatest of all myths: the fountain of youth. A magic water with the power of stopping the passage of time, and grant immortality to its drinker.
Legends about it have been recounted across the world for centuries, and can be found in writings by Herodotus and Alexander the Great.
Many explorers spent their lives tormentedly looking for the spring from which poured the mystical water. Practitioners of alchemy brewed all sorts of herbs, spices, condiments, powdery and minerals, as the hope of achieving immortality was too hard to resist.
Of course, fiction has thrived on this tale. Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray or Peter Pan, are just two of the numerous characters brought to life by novelist struggling with an ageless existence.
What about the present times? After searching the four corners of the Earth we have finally settled that the elixir source of eternal youth might be indeed just a legend. More significantly, science has ruled out the existence of a magical potion that could grant immortality.

Today, more than ever, we are tormented with the ideal of looking forever young.
Take for instance the cosmetic industry; a business that generates an impressive annual turnover of over $170 billion, just by promising customers to enhance their appearance by preventing the signs of aging.
The shelves in beauty sections of pharmacies and departments stores are filled with products labeled such as "Age Lift", "Youth Renewal", and "Age Regenerator". Lotions, moisturisers, creams that are just scarce declinations of the elixir of eternal youth.
What about cosmetic plastic surgery? A fast paced growing industry which is expected to hit the $41 billion revenue mark in 2013.
Just in 2011 an unparalleled 13.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US: injecting, lifting, stretching, implanting, and removing only with one goal in mind, enhancing appearance beyond the average level toward the aesthetic youth ideal.
However, the “secret” recipe to increase healthy lifespan and attenuate or even reverse the decline in our bodies doesn’t lie in a doctor’s scalpel or in some very expensive jars, it’s instead just a combination of being constantly physically active paired with a calorie restriction eating regimen.
In a nutshell, eat less and move more.
As we have discussed several times, even the most aged persons can reverse some of the effects of aging by simply making a few changes in their everyday lifestyles.
Changes do not come from a magical fountain, elixir, bottle, they come from moving your body more tomorrow than you did today.
So yes, the fountain of youth is filled with your sweat!

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