The Eat Right Rule

November 25, 2012

All around us, everyone (including myself) is yelling about eat this, don’t eat that, this is good for you, this is bad for you.
With so much rambling, feeling overwhelmed is most common. That’s why it’s important to have some simple rules to hang on to.
A smart one that I really like it’s the so-called “Eat Right Rule”.
It postulates that you should always prefer food that potentially can go bad, over food that rarely spoils. In other words, fresh food is considered to be an healthier choice than food that has an "unlimited" shelf life.

This means that fresh veggies are a better choice than canned ones; similarly, an apple is healthier than a pop-tart.
Besides these rather obvious examples; there are more subtle ones that should be taken into consideration.
Let’s take, for instance, whole wheat flour and white flour. If you use the former on a regular basis you know too well how easily pantry moths “magically” appear in it when you leave a bag open for too long. The same is less likely to happen with white flour.
Some goes for brown rice and white rice. It often happens to find worms and all sort of little creatures in brown rice, if by accident the bag has not been properly sealed.
It might be yucky, but it is evidence that the food is still “alive”. Meaning that the refinement process hasn’t sucked all the life out it.
So yes, when you’re on the fence about what to pick always prefer “alive” food to “dead” one; food that can go bad over food that can’t go bad!

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  1. I love this rule of thumb- I always try to move towards more natural less processed foods. My boyfriend on the other hand loves his processed everything, but this might be agreeable to him. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Ha! Love this and it's so simple and true! If only more people could understand this!!