My Grandma Used To Say...

October 15, 2012

When I was at my grandma’s place as a little kid, and I would ask her for something to eat - outside of mealtimes - she would say: “You’re hungry? Eat an apple!” When I would refuse her offer, she would then reply: “You don’t want an apple? You must not be hungry!

In her way, she was right in challenging my request for food, because, 99% of the times it was driven only by craving, not real hunger.
Today, I hold to that lesson close, and every time I feel like I want to eat something I stop and think about it for a moment : “Am I really hungry? Or am I just craving something?
What about you: are you able to distinguish between cravings and hunger?

The Iron You


  1. Now, that's good old fashioned wisdom that we should remember more often!

  2. What a good saying. I am going to remember that.

  3. She is a wise woman - and just like my mother! She never let us snack - she'd tell us "have a fruit"!

  4. I say exactly that quite often to my kids. Quite often they eat the apple, but then so do i as often an apple is what I crave - I suspect I picked up the habit as a kid from my mum saying the same thing to me.

  5. haha..I said this to myself the other day. All I had was a banana...didn't want to eat it. Guess I wasn't that hungry x