People Makes All Sorts Of Assumption On What's Good For You, But You Know Better

August 12, 2012

When it comes to fitness people are always ready to make all sort of assumption on what’s good for you, what’s bad for you, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, etc.
They all seem to know better. But even though listening to suggestions it’s a good thing to do, in the end it’s really up to you to know what really works best for you.

Today’s world is filled with all kinds of different sports, workouts, practices, routines and so on.
If your best friend is a pilates-fanatic and practising does great things for her body; good for her! But it’s not 100% guaranteed that you would get the same results nor that you will enjoy doing it as much as she does.
Similarly, a spinning class, which is a great workout, might be a painful experience for someone who doesn’t like loud music or sweating in dark room.
The same goes for yoga, a workout suitable to everybody but that some might find boring or too slow.
The examples can be endless but my point here is: you should find out what you really like doing and what works best for you so that you can keep on doing it and succeed.
People tell you what you should do even when they have no expertise to do so. You can listen, record it, process it and maybe follow
their advice. If so, and you’ll like it, better, if not move on to the next one.
What matters is to move, to sweat it out, to do something. The benefits of exercising are just too important.
Make up your mind. Listen to opinion and read articles but don’t buy into everything that people profess.
It’s a good thing when people tell you the good and the bad of their experiences but the value is in sharing one’s individual account shall not go as far as assuming to know what works for you.
Reality is there’s not a single workout or practice that works for everybody. If there was, we would all be doing it.
So try different things, experiment and when you find something that you really like and seems to work for you, stick to it. When you get bored you can always move onto the next one.
Remember the body is yours so ultimately do what feels best for you.


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