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September 16, 2011

Yesterday was the last day of NYC Fashion Week, today the fashion crowd moved to London, then it will be Milan turn and finally the curtains will close in Paris. A whole month of fashion, probably more than you can actually chew. But don’t worry I’m not gonna talk about fashion here, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs that will cover every inch of the shows.
What I want to discuss with you is how models get themselves ready to step on the runways. Because let me tell you, nothing happens by chance, and models put a lot of effort and sacrifice in order to look perfect.
And I’m sure that there are some tips you could use to your own benefit. I mean, we encounter endless situations in our life where we want and need to at look at our best: there’s nothing bad about that.
Whatever the reasons to look perfect here are several “secrets” that models use in order to enhance definition, make their skin glowing and look sharp.
We’re sure that if you follow them you’ll be ready to rock you own runway.

Michael Kors ss2012 @NYFW

Losing water weight

In order to get perfect definition you should get rid of some of your water weight.
Water retention is an accumulation of fluids in the tissues and cavities of your body. It can make you feel bloated, sluggish, and frustrated.
When deciding how to lose water weight fast it’s important to know why our bodies retain fluid in the first place. There are a few reasons your body retains fluids and one of them can actually be a direct result of not getting enough fluids into your body. The reaction when your body starts to become dehydrated is to stop eliminating it and hold onto whatever fluid that is there. Another reason could be too much salt in your diet. Salt actually causes dehydration and the same reaction occurs. Also improper diet, lack of exercise and some medications can contribute to water retention.
It sounds crazy, but in order to reverse water retention, you need to increase your fluid intake. Get your body out of survival mode and let it do what it’s meant to do. Drink plenty of water.

Parke & Ronen ss2012 @NYFW

Of course, a great way to get rid of water weight is to sweat it out. And there’s no better way to sweat it out than to do a kick-ass cardio session.
Another good and relaxing way to sweat it out is to hit the steam room for at least 30 minutes. If you do it after a light workout and you also staggered it with cold showers, it will do the magic.
Even better is to take a
Bikram yoga class. International renowned male model Cory Bond recently confessed in an interview for fashionfullfrontal that he takes a Bikram Yoga class the day before body shoots: “It is very dehydrating and make you look ripped! Bikram is your best bet if you want to still look great. I go Bikram!

Also, you should reduce your salt intake. Table salt contains about 40 percent sodium. When you consume too much salt, your body dilutes the sodium with water and retains this excess fluid. Most processed foods are laden with salt thus should be avoided.
Some herbs are also known for their effects on water retention. Dandelion root and green tea are both known for their natural diuretic capabilities. Or mix a bit of pure lemon or cranberry juice to your drinking water but avoid using sugar as it can also be a culprit in water retention.

Marlon Gobel ss2012 @NYFW

Flawless and glowing skin

The rule of thumb in order to have a flawless skin is to get plenty of sleep: bags, dark circles, and bloodshot eyes will not look good on the catwalk and even if make-up can help, it certainly cannot work the magic.
Eight hours of sleep and avoiding drinking too much alcohol is always a good idea.
My very good friend Svetlana L. never ever goes out the day before a shooting and she makes sure to get plenty of sleep.
Avoiding heavy and highly processed foods for a couple of days will help you manage stay pimple free. Also you should consider take some fish oil capsules to get make your skin glowing.

Svetlana L. for the Fashionista

Internationally acclaimed male model Mark C. the day before shooting or runways shows eats very little and just drinks plenty of green tea. On the morning of the show, an hour before stepping on the catwalk he eats a banana. This provides him with a so-called sugar rush that enhances the natural glowing of the skin. 

Tommy Hilfiger ss2012 @NYFW

Stay light

Eat less than you are used to and completely avoid sugary and heavily processed foods; that alone will make you feel better.

Moncler Gamme Blue ss2012 @MilanFW

One day cleansing

The absolute best way to get ready for the runway is to do a 1 day cleansing: you’ll get rid of water weight and get so many vitamins and nutrients that your skin will look 10 years younger!

Calvin Klein ss2012 @NYFW


Remember that if you have an healthy lifestyle you can be ready for the runway every single day and there’s almost no necessity to resort to these last minute trick.
To quote a make-up artist I met several months ago on a set: “Make sure to look fabulous, flawless and fierce everyday of your life!” ;-)

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  1. Next fashion week in NYC I'll make sure to be ready for the runway!
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  2. One day I'll make it on the runways!