Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef

February 1, 2018

Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef

One of the most fundamental, basic rules of dinner parties — and the one I routinely ignore — is that you should never try out recipes for the first time on your guests. Good manners predicate that guests are not guinea pigs, hence you should never test new dishes and ideas on them.
But when those guests are your family — which means that they are forced to love you — I say go to town on them.
Fortunately, with this Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef everything worked perfectly, like I knew it would. Soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sugar, and beef in the slow cooker: Hardly something can go wrong.

Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef

This slow cooker version of the notorious Chinese-American dish is as good as it gets. Not to mention a simple, easy, and effortless way to get dinner on the table especially on busy days.
It literally takes minutes to throw everything in the slow cooker and just fuhgettaboutit.

Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef

The beef slow cooks to tender melt in your mouth perfection and the sauce is full of flavor and umami (or savoriness if you prefer). Do try it, you won’t be disappointed.
I know for a fact that it will become a family favorite at your house.
You can thank me later.

Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef

Crock-Pot Mongolian Beef                                                                                                                   Print this recipe!

Serves 8

2 lbs / 900 gr chuck roast or pot roast
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (I used olive oil)
½ cup soy sauce (or coconut aminos)
½ cup brown sugar (I used coconut sugar)
¼ cup water
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
3 tablespoons cornstarch (or arrowroot powder)
2 scallions (green part only), minced


Lightly grease the insert of your slow cooker.
In a bowl combine oil, soy sauce, sugar, water, garlic, and ginger.
Place beef in the slow cooker and pour sauce over it.
Cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 to 5 hours.
When done, transfer the meat to a cutting board and shred (remove any excess fat, if necessary.) Cover the meat to keep it hot.
In a small saucepan whisk cornstarch with 4 tablespoon of water, add about ¾ cup of the liquid from the slow cooker. Heat over medium heat whisking constantly until thickened (it should almost reach the consistency of pudding.)
Add thickened sauce to slow cooker and whisk well with the remaining sauce. Cook on high without the lid for about 20 minutes, until it starts to thicken.
Return meat to the slow cooker and stir to combine.
Serve beef sprinkled with chopped scallions.

Nutrition facts

One serving yields 341 calories, 22 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbs, and 23 grams of protein.


  1. Made this today, it's delicious! I've tried a ton of recipes to recreate the brown sauce from typical Chinese food and this is spot on and so simple! Thanks for all the great recipes 😁

    1. That's awesome Linsday, I'm so happy you liked it that much!