Garlicky Potato and Spinach Patties

March 4, 2016

Garlicky Potato and Spinach Patties

Happy Friday guys!
Does anyone else need a can (or a 12-pack) of beer?
I definitely do. I dunno about you, but I did a lot of dumb things this week.
Starting from losing my debit card.
This was a new card, my second in a year.
Every time I lose a card (anything important really) I’m like "This is it! This is the last time! I will be responsible and awesome from this day forward."
And, well, you know how that story ends...


The moment I realized I had lost my card (at the grocery store check out) I went into panic mode.
I immediately retraced my steps through the neighborhood, just in case the card would turn up somewhere and a kind stranger decided to leave it alone.
There was a ton of crap on the ground but — needless to say it — I didn’t find the one thing I was looking for.
I looked everywhere at home. But no trace of that shiny plastic thing was in sight.
I finally capitulated and did the only savvy thing there was left me to do: cancel the card.

Garlicky Potato and Spinach Patties

I was so upset. Like really upset. Maybe even a bit too upset. I mean, it’s just a debit card.
For some reasons, I wasn’t able to let it go.
So I cooked, because cooking puts me in a good mood and makes me forget all of my troubles (just like running does!)

Anytime I have leftover boiled potatoes, I make these little patties. They're good hot or cold and are the perfect addition to your lunch box.
They’re so tasty with all that garlic, butter, and spinach.
This is my basic version, but you can add some herbs or broccoli or cauliflower or really whatever you feel like.
They’re great on their own, served with marinara sauce or drizzled with hot sauce.
They’re actually so delicious, I soon forgot about the whole debit card thing!

Garlicky Potato and Spinach Patties

Garlicky Potato and Spinach Patties                                                                                              Print this recipe!

Makes 16 patties

1 lb / 453 gr potatoes, boiled, peeled and roughly chopped
4 tablespoons milk (your choice of milk)
2 tablespoons butter
2 garlic cloves, minced
8 oz / 225 gr baby spinach
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup / 3.4 oz / 96 gr almond meal (or panko breadcrumbs)
4 tablespoons vegetable oil


In a large bowl mash potatoes and milk with a potato masher until smooth.
Heat butter in a large skillet over low heat. Add minced garlic and saute’ for about 3 minutes, until fragrant.
Keep an eye on the garlic the whole time, you don’t want it to brown or it will turn bitter (use the smallest burner you have if necessary).
Add baby spinach and cook for 3 further minutes, until wilted.
Add spinach to the potato mixture along with Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, egg, and mix until well combined.
Add almond meal/breadcrumbs ¼ cup at a time and mix with your hands until it reaches a firm consistency and will hold up as patties (you might need to use more or less almond meal/breadcrumbs.
Scoop two tablespoon of potato mixture and with dampened hands form into 15 patties.
Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
When sizzling, add patties (in batches) and cook for about 4 minutes on each side until golden-brown.
Serve warm with some marinara sauce on the side.

Nutrition facts

One patty yields 102 calories, 6 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein.


  1. I thought I had lost both my Polar watch and my phone charging cord for my car. I'm blonde. The struggle is real.

    Great crust on those potato patties by the way!

  2. I meant to say, thought I lost them both in the same week. Not my greatest week! Both found though--sorry about your card.

  3. I really love the idea of this recipe, and I can't believe how low calorie it is! I'll have to try it, though I wonder if it would work well with sweet potatoes.

    By the way, I’m hosting a weekly favorites blogger linkup on my blog today. I’d love for you to come share your favorite post of the week!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  4. Oh heck yes! With marinara sauce and I'd be in heaven. Great idea with the almond meal instead of Panko. #WolfpackSnacks

    1. I love using almond meal instead of breadcrumbs. A tad more expensive but the flavor...oh the flavor!

  5. Haha isn't it mental madness to believe a plastic rectangle matters so much? Mine was actually cancelled because I took myself to Marfa, Tx to write a fantasy novel for a month and that scared Chase into thinking a fairy had swiped it and was blissing out my money to the world. So they canceled my debit card without saying so then said they shipped a new one to my old address. My card got stuck in Lubbock while I'm in nowhere and hours from the box that could print a new plastic piece. Grr.

    Luckily I had woven paper numbers and just paid cash everywhere with a minimal handling. Avocados and meat became my satiety. Oh and Brussels. Mmm. Tiny green leaves bunched together.

    At first fear demons ravaged my existence with hunger cravings of fear rebounds, but they had to calm after a week of random fear bursts reaching no conclusion.
    Demon: "Chase fucked us!"
    Me: "Shhh we still have Brussels and Kerrygold Butter, even with chocolate to soak their crispy edges and muddle into their delectable inner sleeves."
    Demon:"*growls a tad*...they are mind numbingly ravageful..." *shuts up*

    I actually soon forgot that anger and enjoyed living minimally and started to laugh at the monetary fear. It's delicious madness to lose our physical reality pieces and realize we don't need them.

    1. Without hesitation this is the best comment I have ever had on my blog! Like ever!
      But tell me more about your novel, if it's out already I want to read it.

  6. These look unreal! Such a great way to add protein to a salad or bulk up a rice bowl :) Pinning!

  7. There's a great idea how to be awesome and not to loose your cards. Just get rid of them. However, you won't be able to buy the ingredients, cook, and share the recipes. It may affect your mood. So just be careful and keep all your cards:) P.S. I will be these delicious patties with sour cream, please.

    1. It's incredible how are existence is tied to those little plastic rectangles. When we lose 'em we feel powerless (at least that's how I felt until I got the new one!) It's almost scary...

  8. These patties look delicious! Just like you cooking always puts me in a good mood every time I feel sad or upset, it's like a stress relief for me.

  9. Oh No Mike!!! Losing your card totally blows! But, don't fret - you are not the only one - my sis seems to lose her card at least 3 times every year - I told her they need to insert her card just below her skin in her wrist - ooh talk about scan and pay eh?! Though there might be that ugly scare and pain - but potatoes make ALL pain go away - especially when potatoes come with spinach and almond meal in patties like these! These truly are awesmazing - wonder how good they will be with beets?! :)

  10. Hi Mike, love these potato and spinach patties, 2 of my favorite foods.

    I'm terrible about misplacing things, usually I find whatever it is but only after searching every where, always putting things in a special spot. :)

  11. I saw this post scroll across my Bloglovin feed this weekend, and I was like...oh, I need those! And that was before I saw who made them. Well done, Alpha, well done. But as far as the debit card, I hear ya. Stuff like that makes me so mad. Losing keys? Even worse! Granted, you typically find your keys eventually. But I'm usually so mad at myself for doing something stupid and forgetting where I put them that it doesn't even matter by the time I actually find them. I feel your pain! Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if you found that debit card stuck in another part of your wallet now? #WolfpackAmnesia

  12. Garlic and potatoes is one of the most comforting things known to man. Just pinned this!!

    1. Also, I'm sorry you lost your debit card again :( it's a pain in the butt!! I've had to deal with fraud charges on a credit card three times this year..ALSO a pain in the butt.

  13. Oh nooo...that feeling of frustration is real, sucks. We all have been there, don't fret. Last month, I didn't even lose my credit card and I was being charged for shoes I didn't get, a restaurant I have no clue about..It was frustrating. Realized later that someone got the number and was in town partying, have no clue how that works.:(.
    Glad you cooked up some wonderful patties, look at that crust, amazing. xx

  14. Yes! This recipe have good tip in between if we overcooked the garlic it will give bitter taste to our recipe. I will prefer breadcrumbs it any patties. It will be better breakfast for our kids too.

  15. I made these last night and they were soooo delicious!!! The only thing they needed was salt! Thank you for this amazing recipe!!

  16. I wonder what you could use instead of the egg and cheese to make this a vegan treat?? Any ideas??

  17. The direction of cooking is awsome.. finally taste it by my Mother.Delicious...