It's Friday, Laugh A Little!

June 26, 2015

It's Friday, Laugh A Little!

Hello friends.
Today I have no recipe for you.
Today it’s Friday — the day we’ve been waiting for all week — so I’m doing something a little different.
Today, I’m celebrating Friday.

I love Friday, you love Friday, we all love Friday. Heck, there’s even a restaurant chain named after it. But why exactly do we love Fridays so much?
Friday is the one day in between work and play and somehow everyone seems to have a spring in their step. It’s almost the weekend which means long sleeps, delicious brunches, maybe a beach trip or even a night out.

I love Friday because I know tomorrow I can go for a long run, a long bike ride, a long swim, and maybe even take a yoga class.
Then I’ll collapse on the sofa and catch up with my best friend Netflix, read a book, and cook something delicious.

After Friday comes Saturday, then Sunday, you’ll be back at work pretty soon so take some time to think about what you want to do better, reduce stress, getting healthier, and start your week with a go getter attitude.

Today it’s Friday, laugh a little. The weekend is about to begin and you’ll be A-Ok.


  1. post, Mike! Too bad I didn't catch up on it until Monday. Can you now go write a post about Mondays? That would be epic. Thanks!

  2. Didn't catch this until Monday because I was too busy celebrating Friday, but I think I'll take you advice again this coming Friday and every. single. one. following that!

  3. No No! You weren't celebrating Friday, you were celebrating my birthday ;)