The Virtuous Cycle

February 1, 2013

Healthy Living

Wellness is the choice of assuming responsibility for the quality of your life. It starts with the conscious decision to shape a healthy living and to keep at it. Being healthy is a continuum. You’re either healthy or you’re not.
The good news is that once you start being healthy it’s very unlikely that you’re going back.
Leading a healthy lifestyle is a virtuous cycle.
Make the first step, and you’ll generate a success leading to another success which will generate still more successes in a chain of events that reinforces itself through a positive feedback loop.
So start, don’t give up, and most importantly do not let any slips get you down!


  1. The infographic is very cool!

  2. not sure how regular exercise leads people to eat better....

    1. Turns out, it does :) "Physical exercise may be associated with reduced activation in food-responsive reward regions, which are in turn associated with reduced preferences for unhealthy high-calorie foods" ( Love this, IronYou. Cheers.