Let's Talk About New Year's Resolutions...

December 30, 2012

2013 is about to begin, it's time to set goals for the coming year.
Grab a notepad, a pencil and start making “the list”. Let’s see...what can we possibly do to improve ourselves and become a better us?
According to a research conducted at the University of Scranton, the top ten New Year’s resolutions this year includes: “Losing Weight” taking the top spot by a landslide, followed by “Getting Organized” , “Spend Less, “Save More”, “Enjoy Life At The Fullest”, and “Staying Fit and Healthy” at number 5. “Quit Smoking” is in 7th place and “Spend More Time With The Family” closes the chart.
I looked into the New Year’s resolutions “charts” since the year 2000 and (not surprisingly) “Losing Weight” and “Getting Fit” always made the cut. Meaning that over the last decade our New Year’s resolutions have been broken. We’re still struggling to lose weight and get fitter. Every single year we start with the highest intentions but along the way we get sidetracked.
Why does that happens?
According to the experts, part of the problem is not having a clear-cut goals. The key to success is being realistic. Many people confuse fantasy with reality. Resolutions are supposed to be specific and realistic and measurable.
Like any other lengthy journey, a fair amount of planning is also necessary. There’s no changing without the necessary motivation and the some thinking ahead. When you make the list, also write down how you’re planning to implement the resolutions.
Personally, going into a fresh new year, I like bring with me something positive from the year that is about to end. Even in the worst year there were some good things worth bringing along.
That positive energy propels me into the new year with the right attitude to take on new challenges.
By just focusing on the negative, you’ll bring that negative with you; and if you start in a negative place, chances are that you’re going to stay there. Don’t look just at the things about yourself you don’t like. Look at what you have achieved, build momentum, and keep it up.
As Carl Bard brilliantly said, you can’t go back and make a brand new start, but you can start now and make a brand new ending for yourself.
Just believe that it can be done.
Happy New Year!


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